5 Gennaio | January 5

5 gennaio 2024

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On January the Fifth, 1888—that is eleven months and four days after—my uncle, Edward Prendick, a private gentleman, who certainly went aboard the Lady Vain at Callao, and who had been considered drowned, was picked up in latitude 5° 3′ S. and longitude 101° W. in a small open boat of which the name was illegible, but which is supposed to have belonged to the missing schooner Ipecacuanha. He gave such a strange account of himself that he was supposed demented. Subsequently he alleged that his mind was a blank from the moment of his escape from the Lady Vain. His case was discussed among psychologists at the time as a curious instance of the lapse of memory consequent upon physical and mental stress. The following narrative was found among his papers by the undersigned, his nephew and heir, but unaccompanied by any definite request for publication.

Herbert G. Wells, The Island of Doctor Moreau, 1895


“Il 5  gennaio del 1888 – vale a dire  undici mesi e quattro giorni dopo – mio zio, Edward Prendick, un gentiluomo riservato, che si era certamente imbarcato sulla Lady Vain a Callao e che si supponeva annegato, fu recuperato a 5° e 3’ di latitudine Sud e 101° di longitudine Ovest, in una piccola imbarcazione dal nome illeggibile, ma che si poteva presumere fosse appartenuta alla goletta dispersa Ipecacuanha. Di sé egli fece un resoconto tanto strano da credere che fosse pazzo”

Herbert G, Wells, L’isola del dottor Moreau, 1895



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