24 Hours in Contemporary Art

24 Hours in Contemporary Art: Reflections on an Exhibition About Time è il titolo dell’articolo di Antonella Sbrilli uscito sulla rivista “Kronoscope. Journal for the Study of Time” (2017) che racconta la mostra Dall’oggi al domani. 24 ore nell’arte contemporanea svoltasi al Macro di Roma nel 2016. Il testo riprende la relazione tenuta nel corso della XVI Triennal Conference dell’International Society for the Study of Time, dal titolo Time’s Urgency (University of Edinburgh, 26 June – 2 July 2016).

Qui l’abstract:
Time and its representation have been historically fascinating, as Books of Hours, allegories, and artistic calendars testify. This attention to time has become increasingly more urgent recently, as studies confirm. The exhibition Dall’oggi al domani (From Today till Tomorrow), held in Rome in 2016, focused on the discrete single day, with its date and its 24- hour rhythm. The article addresses the main aspects of that exhibition, its historical background, the conceptual attraction for calendars’ grids, the interest of artists in the everyday, the processing of daily digital traces, time-lapse, and 24/7 formats. Artworks were displayed according to their affinity towards time rhythms, time words, dates, calendars, and diaries. Although the itinerary of the show was not chronological, some historical clusters emerged: for example, the importance of the pivotal year 1966 in time consideration.

Kronoscope, Volume 17, Issue 2, 2017 Brill, Leiden-Boston